Pemina Campaing
Slogan: “Fresher than Fresh”
Pemina products are produced in a way that you feel it’s fresh and you may not think that it is freezing. (Under IQF /Ultra fast freezing process)
Graphic designer: Mahsa Yahosseini
Creative team: Alireza Mianji, Marziye Nayyeri, Mahsa Yahosseini, Parisa Omidi, Azadeh Javanpour
Special thanks to: Farhad Abounaseri, Khadije Khazayi, Azin Azari, Reza Mahini
Photographer: Ali Nadermohammadi
3d artists: Mehrnaz Amin, Behnaz Naghizadeh, Parisa Pasandideh
Studio Manager: Alireza Mianji

This campaign has been launched all over Iran in many cities.

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